Herd Sires
Black Boer Goats for Sale in Tennessee
Freedom Farms Zorro
Zorro was not our first black boer but he was definitely our best.
We actually went to Ohio to purchase another buck, but we fell in
love with him. After we got back home we decided we had to have
him and a couple weeks later we made the long trip again and
bought him. He was a gentle giant and loved the show ring. His
bloodline is carried on in almost every colored animal on our farm.
ABGA # 10731495
ABGA # 10748584
Nighthawk was a wonderful replacement to Zorro.
He gave us some really nice kids especially crossed with
Zorro's bloodline.
Reference Sires
RED ALERT is a son of  2MBG  2M ACE IN
Becky, Brad, and I took a trip to Mr Paul
Morgan's farm to pick up some 2M Ace In The
Hole semen and saw Red Alert and asked Paul
if he was for sell and at the time he wasn't. A
few weeks later Paul called me up and told me
he would sell Red Alert so after I got off work
my dad and I went and picked him up. I believe
that Red Alert will make a great cross with  
our Kathy's Klown kids. Alert is a wide chested
big framed buck with a lot of potential.
Semen: $100 a straw
Live coverage: $400
Flush coverage: $1000
Brad said I would never get a dapple if we
flush our beautiful dapple doe LK7
Devilish Ways to AFB2 Blackout, a
powerful, amazing buck but traditional.
But like my friend Becky (who has
Blackout) says, it just takes one buck to
change everything. Well here he is Kathy's
Klown. He is a game changer not just for
colored goats but for the whole Boer goat
industry. He already has 70 ABGA points
at 7 months old including 4 Overall Grand
Champion wins and 1 Reserve Grand
Semen: $250 a straw
Live coverage: $700
Flush coverage: $1500